Day 215 – not soy good

Today’s “first” is another that will stay a “last”.
I bought some soy yoghurt because I’d been curious about it for quite some time now. It always looks delicious in the advertisements and I just really wanted to know if it was possible to create something to replace yoghurt without any lactose in it whatsoever.

Well, it looked and smelled lovely, and it even tasted pretty good at first (I got vanilla). But it had a really strange and unpleasant aftertaste. Once again my motto has been confirmed: if I don’t want to eat something, I’ll do without it rather than replace it with some fake version of itself.

If I was lactose intolerant, soy yoghurt would be great and I’m sure it also works well to replace yoghurt in cooking, but just for the sake of it and on its own, it’s definitely not going to be on my shopping list again any time soon…


4 thoughts on “Day 215 – not soy good

  1. Haha! Oh man, I can relate to this one! The first time I tried soy milk I absolutely hated it, that’s the problem with soy though- that aftertaste! Lots of people like it though, so maybe it’s acquired. Better luck with the next one!

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