Day 216 – finally

Today’s first has been quite a while in the making, but now it’s finally been completed!
I decided to spend my summer holiday with an idiot. Not just any idiot, but one of Dostoyevsky’s five big works, The Idiot. Unfortunately, the holiday was over before I’d managed the whole book (the language is so beautiful that you can’t just skip from page to page), so I had to finish it now.

I’d seen a brilliant documentary about Swetlana Geier, the translator who re-translated many Russian classics, a while ago and felt doubly inspired by it: inspired to finally read some of Dostoyevsky’s work and inspired to pay more attention to detail in my work.

Well, I don’t suppose I need to give you a summary of the book’s content, but just let me tell you this: if you haven’t read The Idiot, read it! And if you’re going to read it in German, read Geier’s translation by all means.

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