Day 220 – the easiest and creamiest chocolate mousse

My usual recipe for chocolate mousse contains raw eggs, so that I haven’t let F. try it. I wanted to find a recipe that he’d be able to have a spoonful of as well and so today I came up with a three-ingredient, vegan chocolate mousse that’s so delicious you just want to bathe in it.

Vegan chocolate mousse
Serves eight

You’ll need:

200g bitter chocolate
100g hardened coconut oil
1 tin of coconut milk

Melt the chocolate and hardened coconut oil. Pour in the coconut milk and stir it in until it’s all one smooth mixture (if you like it sweeter, add icing sugar to taste). Leave to settle in the fridge for three to four hours.

If you’d like to serve it with a sauce, mix a tablespoons of it with some fruity spirit or liqueur of your choice (orange, cherry or apple fit nicely) and pour some of that onto each portion of the mousse (speaking of portions: the ingredients ought to be a good indication of how rich the mousse is, so make sure you don’t serve out too much).

You’ll be surprised how the coconut aroma is barely noticeable, so this recipe is also for anybody who’s not a massive fan of coconut. Just once in a while does a hint of it come through. The consistency of the mousse is just incredible, melting in the mouth into an explosion of chocolate. I am still in awe by how simple this was and how well it worked – this recipe was a complete invention!



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