Day 221 – it’s a start, I guess

I finally had a go at crocheting today. This has been on my list of potential firsts for ages…
Well, let’s put it this way: I spent about and hour watching videos, then going along with them, then trying on my own. I ended up with cramp in my fingers and neck, tired eyes from doing this in bad light, a tiny little and very lopsided green something and the realization that I bought the wrong yarn. I will have to go out and buy some other one, because now I know the basics of crocheting, I wouldn’t mind getting into it a bit more.

And maybe make something nicer for C. than the terrible “keyring” the poor man has ended up with (I just didn’t know what else the outcome of my little project could possibly have passed for)…



4 thoughts on “Day 221 – it’s a start, I guess

      1. The looms are much easier to manipulate than knitting needles. Which helps me because with my Cerebral Palsy, sometimes the hands don’t want to function the way they need to with knitting needles. Likewise, these types of crafts are good therapy for the hands. if that makes sense


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