Day 224 – a good ending to a horrible day

Today has been one of those days that are so horrible I’m glad there over because I’m really worried what else they might have in store for me.

It started with me waking up completely knackered after waking up every 45 minutes or so all night. I must have caught too much sun yesterday and felt really poorly all night.

So I planned to just have a short day at work to get home for a quiet afternoon. Wrong.

The day was so crazy I ended up staying at work for almost nine hours (bearing in mind I’m supposed to be working part-time now that I’m a working mum…) and bad news and extra stress factors wouldn’t stop chasing each other.

Anyhow, some wonderful friends had noticed what a bad day I was having so they invited us to an impromptu after-work barbecue to enjoy what’s supposedly going to be the last proper summer’s night. After we got home from an evening that really lifted my spirits, there wasn’t much time for a first as I really need my beauty sleep after the last night and day. So we watched a few episodes of the original Paddington Bear TV series as my “first” for today. How cute! I can’t wait to show it to F. in a couple of years…

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