Day 225 – Munich at its best

What a day yesterday was! I’m still absolutely blown away by the wonderful things that happened.

After Hungary stopped checking refugees and just letting them move through towards Austria and Germany, thousands of them have been arriving in Munich.

The wonderful people of Munich once again proved how amazing they are by spontaneously helping where they could, donating so many things that the police had to ask them to stop at one point. Volunteers in the main station were working around the clock, handing out food, clothes and toiletries. There were people holding up welcome signs and others interpreting. I only briefly went to the station myself after a long day at work, but what I saw in that short time touched me very much.

I’d never taken part in a spontaneous help initiative like that before and it was incredible. It was a warm and friendly atmosphere, people offering each other help and advice and coffee and anything they could think of. And all that in Munich’s main station!

In other news, this was also the first time that my Facebook group dedicated to helping refugees in Munich had more than 1,000 members join in one day – compared to the 2,500 we’d gathered is the year since I founded the group.

Just like on Saturday, I was reminded today why I love this city so much. Thank you! 

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