Days 233-237 summary of a crazy time

This week has been so busy in all aspects that I haven’t gotten round to even just posting one sentence a day.. I hope I still have one or two of you following me nonetheless.
So here’s a summary of what the past few days have been like:

Day 233
So much too do at work but C. had an appointment in the afternoon, so F. came and joined me at the office for some hours. The first time he’s ever assisted me at work… He separated my pad of sticky notes (so much more practical to have many individual sheets – now I’m forever finding one somewhere) and made sure I always had a smile on my face. It was amazing, he played for three hours and just needed me to take a break once to feed him. Such a star!

Day 234
Thursday was busy again and C. had some good news so we decided to treat ourselves to a delivery meal in the evening. We ordered from a new place that delivers Bavarian food and Bavarian fusion wraps. Unfortunately, the order was cancelled for some reason and we weren’t able to try it in the end. Lucky I’d had a new type of KitKat in the afternoon or I would have ended up without a “first”.

Day 235
Friday came and brought more work… But luckily my work phone was finally ready for me and made this the first time ever I really used an iPhone. How 21st century am I?

Day 236
Weekend, finally! Well, kind of: the “first” for yesterday was working from home… F. was playing and C. looked after him when he needed anything, so I really got a lot done. So now I’ve tried it, I can see an advantage of home office: just like working at the office at times when nobody is there, you get so much more work done as there aren’t as many interruptions as there are during normal working hours at the office…

Day 237
Sunday, a time for rest. Lovely C. let me stay in bed after him and F. got up so I was able to snooze for a while longer. In the afternoon, I went to help at one of the emergency accommodation places set up for refugees. The first time I ever helped out in a field kitchen (in fact, the first time I ever saw one!) and the first time I ever did the washing up for three hours straight… After that, I moved on to a place where we handed out toiletries to new arrivals. Seeing their happiness at just being able to brush their teeth and have a shave does remind you how lucky we are, being able to have several showers a day if we feel like it…

I hope you can now understand why I have been a bit quiet lately. Hopefully, things will calm down a little eventually and I’ll have more time again – for this blog but mainly also for my boys, who I’ve been seeing a lot less of than I’d like to these past two weeks.

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