Days 239-246: whatever happened to discipline?

This is getting ridiculous! I’m having to push myself to write once a week now… Really not happy with that. Life is just too full at the moment for anything that’s not strictly necessary. I’ve been neglecting friends, books, my household and pretty much anything that doesn’t fire me (work) or scream (F.) if I forget about it.
So once again, here’s but a sad list of “firsts” for the past week:

Tuesday: a really interesting meeting about donations in one of the emergency accommodation places. Even got to see the place where donations get stored and sorted, and met some inspiring people.

Wednesday: a meeting of a new kind at work – a whole conference table full of lawyers and me, trying (and ultimately) managing to sort out a sheer impossible amount of translations. More importantly, the first day I dropped F. off at his nursery. What a bittersweet experience. My baby is growing up! He’s going to be leaving school next week if he continues at this pace…

Thursday: my first ever “Keep calm and carry on product” – a case for my work phone. Slightly pathetic I know, but there simply is no time for this challenge whilst working 11 hours or so… And at least the “Keep calm” motto seems very fitting.

Friday: the first time I had a proper lunch date with C. and F. The highlight of my day, or actually my week! We sat in the park and F. was in a brilliant mood, so we all had a good time and enjoyed our food in the sunshine. I love my boys so much!

Saturday: my first time at Riemarcaden, a huge shopping mall in Munich’s trade-fair area. Quite a nice family outing for a chilly day. I’m glad I gave myself a whole weekend off from any work or volunteering, my family and I really needed the time together…


Sunday: tried pear tarte tatin for the first time. Yummy! Also had home-made pork scratchings, which were much nicer than the stuff in a bag I tried before.

Monday: our first consultation with F.’s teacher at the nursery. How grownup are we? (I still feel like a fraud with these things though, whether it’s work or parenting or just buying furniture or so, I sometimes catch myself feeling like I’m only playing house…). Anyhow, she’s really happy with F. and he seems to be settling in very well. That makes letting go so much easier!

Tuesday: tried a new thing in the kitchen for a change: I turned the leftover chili con carne into a pasta sauce. Very nice and efficient!


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