Day 251 – back for good

Ok, I’ve had good sulk, cried and grumbled a little, been given pep talks by various people and I’ve had such a fantastic “first” today that I just had to come back despite yesterday’s somewhat dramatic goodbye.
250 days I’d made it to by yesterday, that really does seem like a silly time to give up. And I still have some pretty fun things lined up for the remaining three months of my challenge.

So back to business:

First of all, let me briefly report on days 249 and 250, which I didn’t even talk about in my anger at having been called trivial yesterday. On Friday, I had a pretty exciting “first” at work when I did a tiny translation from French into German and also had to read some Italian for work. It felt really good using these rusty third and fourth languages for work! Saturday was completely different, it was the first time I helped someone move out of a flat that I’d helped them move into years before. And of course it was the first time I honestly intended to give up on my challenge.

Speaking of which, let me take this opportunity to thank C., my best friend T., Yvonne from Kritsayvonne and Bec from The Boss Book Club for their lovely words that made me overcome yesterday’s frustration and realize that giving up now really would be stupid.

And now for today’s absolutely incredible “first”: my first ever TV interview! I have to say, I’m more than a little proud. These Brazilian journalists who are making a documentary about the current refugee situation in Europe had heard about my Facebook group and asked if they could interview me about it.

We met this evening and they asked me not only about the group itself but also about political issues regarding the current crisis. I was quite happy with how much I had to say (I suppose I’m not all “trivial” after all). It’s going to be aired at the end of the year and will then become available online too. I’m so proud of Munich and our Facebook group – to think we’re going to be on television on a different continent!



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