Day 255 – autumn par excellence

I made a salad for dinner last night that was just like the sunny autumn’s day we had.

The recipe came from the baby magazine I’ve subscribed to and at first I was annoyed at the author’s comment of “obviously, my husband’s not a fan of just veggies so if I make this I’ll fry some meat for him on the side”. Which century are we living in exactly?

Nonetheless, the salad sounded brilliant and I wasn’t disappointed of the result (which I’d altered slightly compared to the recipe).

It’s a warm pumpkin and tomato salad. Sliced pumpkin baked in the oven, mixed with tomatos, mozzarella cheese,¬† roasted sage and chili, served with a lemon and mustard dressing.

It looked as wonderful (the deep orange and red of autumn leaves) as it tasted. The mix of sweet and sour flavours, crunchy and soft textures with the slight spiciness from the chili Рwow! It really was the culinary equivalent of a long autumn walk with the smell of wood fire in the air, the sun on your face and leaves rustling under your feet.


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