Day 257 – Jack-pot

Today is a public holiday but for some reason I completely blocked that fact out and got a bit stuck: what to cook? What first to do?

We ended up combining the two and ordered delivery. For dessert we ordered a fruit salad that included jackfruit. I’d never even heard of, let alone tried, that.

It was hard to tell what it actually tasted like, as it was quite sweet from the syrup the fruit salad came in. Nonetheless it tasted really nice – and different from anything I’ve ever tried. The consistency was great too, really crunchy yet soft. And above all, I really liked the look of it, so unique and different!

Oh, how I love trying new things!


But what I love even more is my little boy and I cannot believe that today is the first time I saw him take a few steps. How amazing is that?

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