Day 258 – more pumpkin

As I did with asparagus over the summer, I’m now using pumpkins as a source of inspiration for this challenge trying out new recipes instead of sticking to the ever same ones…
Yesterday, I made pumpkin dumplings with a sage and cheese sauce. Definitely a success! The dumplings only consist of mashed roasted pumpkin, egg and flour with some spices and get the boilt in water until they rise to the top.
The sauce can be varied of course, mine was based on sage, wite wine, parmesan, yoghurt and chili.


On a less fun note, yesterday was also the first time I got attacked verbally for my political opinion and voluntary work. It was still funny on some level though, as they used my profession as proof of the fact that I can’t be very clever. Not only is that pathetic anyway but it’s simply hilarious in view of the fact that we met when we trained for that very profession together…

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