Days 260-264 – of food and culture

Another busy week has gone by, so I’m having to summarize my “firsts” once again…
Tuesday was a busy day with the nursery and work, so all I had time for was a bit of kid’s stuff in the late afternoon. F. and I met one of his friends at a playground we’d never been before. It was quite busy but had a nice atmosphere and some cool toys even for the smaller kids.

Wednesday came and brought more food: I made up my own recipe for stuffed chard leaves. Here goes:

Fry some garlic and onions for a little bit, then add small cubes any vegetables you fancy, meat if you like and herbs and spices to your taste. Fry for a little then add some wine. Add couscous and leave to simmer until the couscous has cooked.

In the meantime, boil the biggest chard leaves you can find in some salt water (you can cut off the stalks beforehand and fry them with the veggies for the stuffing). Make sure they don’t go too soft.

Place a heap of stuffing on each leave, top with some yoghurt and wrap up into nice packages.

I used mushrooms, chard stalks, tomatoes and prawns for my stuffing and added a little grated cheese. You can replace the couscous with rice, quinoa or the like, of course. This is just the basic idea, vary the ingredients to your own taste.




On Thursday I tried ginger beer for the first time and really liked it. The only odd thing was that it smelled like the breath of someone who’s had a bit too much to drink, which wasn’t that pleasant. But the taste was really nice nonetheless.

Yesterday brought big excitement: the first time ever that I’ve had my own office. No more sharing with a colleague, just my desk, my computer and me. I feel very executive…

Finally, today was the first time I went into the Jewish Museum in Munich. I’m ashamed not to have gone there sooner but at least I went now. It’s a great museum and I highly recommend a visit of you’re ever in Munich. The whole square that it’s in (St.-Jakobs-Platz), with the new synagogue, the Jewish community centre and two museums, is well worth checking out anyhow.



Now tomorrow is a “first” that I’ve been looking forward to all week. Watch this space for more on that – although possibly  it before Monday as tomorrow will probably be a late one…

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