Day 265 – applause,applause

What an utterly wonderful day Sunday was! After a lovely brunch with some friends and my little man, I went to a huge concert in the evening.

The concert had been organized by the band Sportfreunde Stiller, the city of Munich and various charitable organizations to thank all the voluntary helpers who have made the situation for refugees in Munich that little bit better.

I met some people for real for the first time after I’d worked pretty closely with them via my Facebook group. It’s always nice to finally put a face to the name. It’s also the first time I ever saw Herbert Grönemeyer, one of Germany’s superstars, live on stage.

The concert lasted around five hours and covered a wide range of styles from a pianist singing in Arabic (a refugee himself) to Bavarian ska (Wennst mi’m Deifi tanzt (“When you dance with the devil”) has to be my favourite song this year), hip hop and pop. The atmosphere was wonderful, people dancing and laughing while holding up signs saying “Refugees Welcome” and the like.

It was great to celebrate together: we welcomed the new arrivals to our city, emphasized that they are welcome here and also praised this wonderful city for the last few weeks. And the most incredible thing: all the bands performed free of charge as a thank you to all the helpers, with the organizers bearing the remaining costs.
In these sad times, it’s good to know that I’m living in a city so full of warmth and humanity. I can’t wait to watch the video of the concert!


The mayor of Munich sang and played the guitar during the opening song:

Whatever happened to lighters?

Me on the tele:

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