Days 268-271 – a happy week

Another busy week has raced by. I can’t believe how much time I used to have on my hands during parental leave – and how little I have now. By the time I’ve left worked, picked F. up, taken him home and played with him for a bit, it’s time to start cooking dinner and getting the little cub ready for bed…
So my “firsts” remain somewhat unspectacular. When do all the other mums find time for hobbies, friends and luxurious things like hairdresser’s and dentist’s appointments? Nonetheless, I have to say I enjoy my life as it is so very much these days. I love my family, my job and my eleemosynary (what a brilliant new word I learned this week!) work. I know how blessed I am to be so content with how my life turned out.

On Wednesday, I tried something that had intrigued me for a while: drinking pomegranate juice straight from the fruit. You roll the pomegranate around forcefully on a hard surface for a while, stick a straw in and start drinking. At least that’s the theory. It did work to a certain extent and I was able to drink quite a few mouthfuls of refreshingly sour juice, but most pips didn’t burst unfortunately. Maybe I would have had to be more aggressive with the rolling.


On Thursday, apart from learning that awesome new word, eleemosynary, I finally got my very own business cards for the first time ever. It’s the fate of us translators that we are invisible in doing our jobs so that it’s quite something for me to have my own card within our law firm. It’s weird what these things do to us. Why does it feel so great to see my name printed on a piece of paper with our corporate design?

Yesterday, I tried another crazy cooking too: microwave pumpkin. And it worked a treat! Just cut the top off a small pumpkin, take the seeds out and microwave it for seven to nine minutes at around 600-700W. You can then add yoghurt, grated cheese sour cream and any spices you like and eat it straight out if its peel.


Today, I tried aronia berry for the first time. Are they a superfood? And what’s that whole superfood thing about anyway? Can’t we just all go back to eating a balanced diet without all these annoying crazes? The berry was hidden in an apple and aronia fruit bar. Pretty nondescript, I would say.
What’s much cooler is that I bumped into my favourite teacher from interpreting college today. That reminded me of the good old times and of the fact of how grateful I am to have picked a profession I love so much…

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