Days 272-281 time flies when you’ve got a life to live

Work, pick up F., go home, play, cook, eat, maybe watch some tele or read a little. Sleep. Start over. With quite some work on my Facebook group added in every free moment. That’s what my life is like at the moment. And that’s why I’ve been too tired to even write a couple of lines each day lately. So once again, here’s a summary…

18/10 Had chicken (boilt – it had been used to make chicken soup) with white sauce for the first time ever. Yummy!

19/10 Came home from a shift helping at Munich’s central station and tried the showering cream I’d been given by a friend. It’s like shaving cream in that it froths into an amazing lather and caresses the skin like butterflies tickling you as you wash. Nonetheless, after a shift helping people who’ve lost everything, it felt ridiculously decadent to be using such an essentially unnecessary product. The extreme suffering we’ve been seeing lately has made me – and many others I’ve talked to – feel quite guilty about how good we’ve got it.

20/10 I was elected as as parents’ rep for the first time in my life. Finally time to admit I’m an adult maybe?

21/10 Babysat two cute little girls for the first time. In fact, the first time I’ve babysat any children since having a child of my own.

22/10 Meant to see a play I hadn’t seen before but there’d been a misprint in the program so instead I ate spinach salad with peanut sauce for the first time. Definitely not for the last time though.

23/10 After a lovely dinner, we had a glass of Slovenian blueberry liqueur each. Quite sweet, quite strong. Maybe it’s better mixed with soda water on a hot summer’s night?

24/10 Before I set out to work another shift at the station, I cooked us a yummy bread-dumpling carpaccio. I’m ashamed to admit that I also used ready-made dumplings for the first time ever.


25/10 I made up my own recipe for pumpkin mousse. Maybe I should stick to a recipe next time. C. quite liked it, but I considered it a waste of a lovely pumpkin…


26/10 I bought and read Barbara, a new magazine. As it’s the first issue, it’s title story was all about “firsts”. How fitting! And the magazine is definitely one for me. A women’s magazine but stripped off some of the usual stuff, making it refreshingly normal.

27/10 Apart from the fact that I received flowers from someone I only ever said “hello” to once before today  (as a thank you for my voluntary work), I made some truly scrumptious  pumpkin schnitzels for dinner tonight. Quick and easy to make, vegetarian, nice to look at and even better to eat. Another “first” that won’t be a “last”…


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