Days 289-291 – I wish I believed

I’ve been making sure I had a bit of time for myself these last few days and I feel like a new penny!
On Wednesday, I met a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and we went to La Kaz, a lovely newish bar/restaurant I’d never been to. The signature aperitif as well as the food were great and it’s interior was exactly as I’d design it.

Yesterday, I watched a 1975 TV version  of the Bavarian classic story and play Der Brandner Kaspar und das Ewig’ Leben, which is about a man who cheats death and gets to live an extra 18 years… It’s sad, touching, funny and deep all at once. How did I not read or watch it before?
My favourite quote: “Here in Paradise, everybody takes the age they liked the most. Or why did you think so many angels are young children?”
I just wish I could believe in the concept of Heaven as it is presented there. How wonderful it would be to believe that one day I will see everybody again!

Today, I went for a simple “first” after a day filled with work and family: I tried those healthy fruit snacks they’re selling at all the supermarket tills these days. They tasted just as sweet and unnatural as I’d imagined – I think I’ll stick to real fruit again in the future…


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