Days 292-294 some wonderful things – and tofu

So I’m getting better: only three days to summarize this time…
On Saturday, I took F. to the refugee home for the first time. A group of us were meant to give tour of Munich to groups of refugees. Unfortunately, F. cried so much on the bus that I ended up taking him home before the tour. But we spent a while at the home beforehand and he was a star with the kids there, who all wanted to hold him, push his pram and ride on the Bobby car with him. He enjoyed all the attention, of course… It was a lovely experience and I’ll be taking him back there soon.

Yesterday, we went to my sister’s house for cake (Sunday!) and she made the chocolate cake my family always make, but with a twist: covered in molten chocolate and with blueberries on top. Yummy with a capital “Y”!

Today, however, I tried nut and almond tofu and that was absolutely horrible. Extremely salty and not much more. Not my cup of tea…

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