Days 301-308

Oh my God, only a month and a bit left of my challenge! I can’t believe I made it this far!
The past week has been busy again, with the added stress factor of my first seriously annoying cold in ages. I’ll tell you one thing: it’s no fun trying to keep a toddler happy when all you want to do is curl up the sofa, drink tea and feel very, very poorly.

So the past week had me try these mainly pretty unspectacular “firsts”:

Monday, I used a new product, an in-shower colour refresher for dyed hair. It was a bit of a let-down as I’m not sure I can actually see any difference. But then in my case the roots are darker than the lengths so maybe I’m not the ideal candidate…

Tuesday I finally checked out a Romanian food show near us that I’ve been meaning to go into for ages. I love foreign foods and no trip for me is complete until I’ve seen the local supermarkets. So having this lovely shop so close by is a definite added plus of our flat!

Wednesday I watched a film about Luis Trenker, who I’d never even actually heard of before. I briefly met the guy who wrote the script once so I’ll count this film as a “first”. (I also had another one that day but I can’t for the life of me remember it…)

Thursday we had our first parents representatives’ meeting and I went round one of my “colleague’s” house for the first time.

Friday was the first time I ever used an inhaler. My doctor prescribed it for my persistent cough and at least now I can get some sleep again at night. What a strange feeling though, inhaling medicine rather than swallowing it…

Saturday I met a bunch of new people at a birthday brunch and tried a really yummy salad containing raw broccoli. I never even knew broccoli could be eaten raw but now that I do know I’ll definitely do it again…

Sunday I had a new type of tea: orange, cardamom and fennel. Very wintery and cozy. I’m not usually a fan of fruit tea and such things but this was nice.

Today I went to Literaturhaus in Munich for the first time, where there was a great exhibition about the great writer Erich K√§stner. If you’ve never read any if his books: do!

New week ahead – I hope I can finally find some blogging discipline again!

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