Days 346-348 – a clean slate

You know that feeling when you were supposed to call a distant relative ages ago and calling them gets harder and harder every day so you eventually don’t so it at all? Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling with writing this blog so I decided to give myself a clean slate and just talk about the last three days. That should put me back on track for the remainder of the challenge….

I’ve actually been having some quite fun “firsts” lately (including going to Hamburg for the first time ever, meeting  Alfons Schubeck – a famous German chef – and getting cooking advice from him as well as seeing the brilliant Austrian comedian Joseph Hader live in stage for the first time. But it’s just been so long since my last blog entry that I can’t possibly report on every single day I’ve missed.

Not for a second did I think that I’d struggle more with blogging regularly than with the challenge itself. Incredibly, I’m still keeping that one up!

So I’ll just report on the last few days now…

On Sunday, I made my first ever Stollen (traditional German Christmas cake). Quite a lot of work went into it but it seems like it was worth it. The cake looks and smells great and I am really hoping it’ll be a success at Christmas.


Yesterday, I tried horned melon for the first time. I highly recommend it. It looks awesome, tastes great and has an exciting exotic feel to it.



Today, I cooked Nepalese food, which I had never even eaten before. Although, to be fair, no Nepalese person would probably even recognize my version of Dal Bhat


I’ve still got some good “firsts” lined up for the remaining 16 days of my challenge (I can’t believe it’s almost over!), so watch this space…

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