Days 356-363 – Almost over!

I can’t believe it. Only tomorrow to go and then my challenge will be not only over but completed! This is absolutely insane… The last week has been filled with lovely festive “firsts”:
Wednesday last week, we threw a little Christmas party for the kids at a refugee home round the corner. It was lovely being able to put a smile to their faces. I’d never done anything like it before so that was one of those brilliant “firsts” that I don’t plan specifically for the challenge but that would have happened anyway. I look forward to seeing how many of them I’ll experience in 2016…


Thursday was Christmas Eve, which is the day for presents and everything in Germany. What with our respective parents living in different countries, C. and I had decided to invite both families to our’s for Christmas this year. So excitingly, this was the first time I ever hosted Christmas myself. Maybe the first time I ever felt truly grown up…


Christmas Day was another one of those warm days we’ve been having so we decided to take our Christmas cookies to the beergarden and enjoy them there, together with some mulled wine. Now that was definitely a “first” for me!


In the evening, I made brandy butter and real custard for the first time ever to go with my Christmas pudding. Although the brandy butter went a bit funny, the pudding was a complete success, not least thanks to the amazing custard. It wasn’t actually that much work either so I don’t think I’ll be using custard powder again any time soon.


On Boxing Day, I made some carrot cake for the first time (as if we didn’t have enough sweets in the house already, but the challenge had to go on).
Sunday was a lazy day, apart from a quick visit to the museum to see my favourite Nativity Scenes exhibition (that you MUST see if you’re ever in Munich around this time of the year). In the evening, we watched one of my Christmas presents: “Drei Männer im Schnee“, based on a book by Erich Kästner, which I’d never seen before.

Back to grindstone on Monday after what seemed like merely a day although it had been a full week… As a “first”, I meant to pay money into our account on the machine. Unfortunately, the machine was playing up and all the coins just came crashing back out at the bottom, Las Vegas style. Everybody stared at me and I just mumbled “Jackpot!” before trying to disappear into thin air. Oh well, at least I tried, so it still counts as a “first”, I’d say.

Yesterday, I seriously attempted a jigsaw puzzle for the first time ever and used my puzzle roller that C. had given me for Christmas to roll it up and store it in order to continue it another time. What a neat little gimmick!

Today, I made matcha mousse, which was super easy to make (one pack of curd, some caster sugar and vanilla sugar, whipped cream and a table spoon of matcha powder, all mixed together). It tastes lovely and looks brilliant. I look forward to serving it as dessert tomorrow!

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