Day 365 – Challenge complete

Wow. Who would have thought it? 2015 is over and I have actually done a new thing every day.
My “first” on New Year’s Eve was simply another new baking recipe I tried. However, as I already jokingly said in my first post a year ago, the real new thing is that I have kept a new year’s resolution.

It’s been a crazy year… Long and short at the same time. Full of big “firsts” and small ones, fun ones and last-minute stressful ones. Sometimes I thought I couldn’t go on, sometimes I did “firsts” that at the beginning of the challenge I probably wouldn’t have allowed.

But the rules were simply to try something I’d never tried before every day of the year – and I’ve done that. I tried things I wouldn’t otherwise have tried. I cooked new recipes when I would otherwise just have cooked the same old stuff again. I stayed up to try something different for the first time when I would otherwise have had an early night… It was stressful sometimes  having to think of a “first” at the last minute after a long and tiring day. But it has definitely been worth it!

And no matter how pointless and shallow my challenge may have been, I am super proud to have gone through with it. My plan of keeping up daily blogging has gone out the window unfortunately as I simply don’t have enough time and drive to do it, but I will be keeping up this blog to write about things that I feel I should write about. Or when I experience something new worth reporting.

Thank you all so much for sharing the ups and downs of 2015 with me and do please keep following my blog in the future.

It’s been a pleasure!

2 thoughts on “Day 365 – Challenge complete

  1. You know I’ve enjoyed your blog even if I only ‘found you’ part way through your challenge. Glad to hear you won’t close the blog down. Give me a shout if you revisit Crete. Happy New Year! X


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