Day 156 – of fleas and men

Today’s “first” meant I had to get up at 4:15 am. It’s not often that I leave the house before sunrise (well, not in the summer, anyway). I felt excited, as if I was going on holiday, half expecting my dad to appear with a sugary donut from an old man’s stall, like he would in my childhood when we got off a ferry in Greece at four or five in the morning.

As I drove past a group of twenty-somethings obviously on their way home from a night out, I thought how much I love this time when the last ones to go to bed and the first ones to be up cross ways. How strange, though, to be among the first ones up rather than stumbling home with a kebab in one hand and my shoes in the other. I guess this is another sign I’m becoming an adult.

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Day 155 – eek! I married a geek (but it’s kinda fun)

Today’s “first” dates back to our trip to England earlier this year, when we went to the pub with one of C.’s best friends and they got talking about their school days and a game they used to play back then: Magic. The Gathering. I sat there, trying to get what they were on about but understanding not much more than that I’d married a geek. Until one of them uttered a sentence that did catch my attention…
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