Days 350-353 – work and leisure

I’ve been quite busy these last few days, so once again I’m having to write a summary. Only of four days though, that’s pretty good by recent standards, I’d say. Continue reading


Days 282-288 – time for a holiday

This is getting silly. I’m so snowed under by everything that I don’t even have the energy to write a couple of lines a day anymore. I feel like my life is a race and I keep running and running but someone is forever moving the finishing line further away from me.
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Day 192 – foodporn

Foodporn, that word, that hashtag… Food is a beautiful, lovely thing. Porn is filthy and harsh. Why then would anybody put the two words together to present their gorgeous meal with? I cringe every time I read it. And even today, when the food I’m blogging about is so satisfactory that many people would probably consider it #foodporn, even today I’m not going to say it.
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