Day 205 – tunnel vision

I’m knackered from a long day (F. is back to his normal sleeping pattern now that we’re home again and it’s been close to 40 degrees again today) so just a quick report tonight. Continue reading


Day 201 – a “first” and a half

As we travelled back home today, I was a bit limited as regards opportunities for “firsts”. Nonetheless, I managed to do one and a half new things. And that’s not even counting the first time I got on the plane in Crete in cooler weather than it was when I got off in Munich!
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Valuable lessons I’ve learned as a mum

This blog is all about new things I’m experiencing this year. Many of them are related to having a baby, but I’ve not yet actually acknowledged that the sheer fact of being a mum is the biggest “first” I’ve ever experienced. Pretty much every new parent starts the world’s most important and responsible job with no or little experience. There are no user manuals, no instruction sessions and no supervisors to consult. So here are some vital tips I’d like to share with any future and new parents out there:
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