Day two – my model baby

20150102_144127Last night, C. got all enthusiastic and started making some really good suggestions for my challenge. One of them was that I draw our son. As I can’t draw for love nor money, I decided to use watercolours instead. Not that I’m any good with them either, but at least I did a course when I was at school (and my parents still had hope that there might be some creative talent lingering inside me, after all). Continue reading

The project

My new year’s resolution is simple and should be fun: every day of 2015, I want to try something new. 

By “new” I mean anything I haven’t tried before, so it could be a new hobby I have a go at, a recipe I’ve never cooked before, a place I’ve never travelled to before or anything else that’s new to me. Ideally, I’ll be challenging myself and learning something every day. I’m open to suggestions!

If I keep it up, the new thing I do on December 31, 2015 will be: having kept a new year’s resolution.

Stay tuned to see what surprises 2015 will have in store for me.