Day 162 – an orange affair

C. and I walked past the “walk-in cookbook” that I blogged about before and he said he’d like to go inside and see it for himself. I immediately thought there might be a “first” in it for me, so in we went.
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Day 31 – walked into a cookbook

First of all: well done, me! One month completed – I didn’t think I’d make it this far, if I’m honest.. To celebrate the first milestone of my challenge, I treated a group of us to a special dinner tonight.

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Day 27 – yum yam

I guess it’s hardly surprising that a baby who wakes up every one to three hours at night is not a morning person. Nor is his mother, for that matter. The rings under my eyes are big enough to make Saturn jealous and I have started forgetting things that seem impossible to forget. Turning on my end of the baby monitor is a classic (luckily we don’t really need it, as I can hear F. from the living room anyway.

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