Day 309 – guilt-free crisps!

I was struggling to think of a “first” for today when I remembered the kale I’d bought a couple of days ago. It’s been sitting in the fridge, waiting for me to do something with it. So I googled some ideas and now I am absolutely in love with the result… Continue reading

Day 206 – chilled coconut and beetroot soup

As it was ridiculously hot again today (I love this summer!), I thought it was time to try and make my own version of the cold soup I told you about the other week. So if you’re a lover of soup, coconut and beetroot like me, this is for you! The soup is pretty easy to make, while looking and tasting fantastic – so this is definitely one to impress guests with in the summer (even more so as it can be prepared ahead of time). Continue reading

Day 189 – comfort food par excellence

First of all, I’d like to thank all of you who’ve already answered my paintings poll and given feedback on the two “masterpieces”. It’s really interesting to read all your interpretations!

But now let’s move on to today: My Dutch family call me Lena Pindakaas (Lena Peanutbutter) because I used to eat practically nothing else during visits to Holland as a kid. I only eat it occasionally these days, but it’s still one of my favourite foods. Recently, everybody has been raving about cashew butter and almond butter and all sorts of other kinds. Someone let me try a bit of cashew butter a while ago and I certainly loved it. So I figured I might make my own for a nice “first”.

Continue reading

Day 165 – two “firsts” make a dinner

It’s been a long and busy day so once again, I have opted for a cooking “first”. However, as these always seem like a bit of a cop-out  (I distinctly remember C. saying when I first started this in January that he thought I should only do one cooking “first”… well, I almost stuck to that), I decided to at least try two food-related “firsts”: a main course and a dessert. Don’t get used to it though, next time we might be back to just the one course. Continue reading